Cinema 4D (C4D) Setup

Has anyone successfully set up Cinema 4D to a Midi Fighter 3d / Midi Fighter Twister? Would be cool if there is a way to link a parameter to the controller via Xpresso. Haven't found any use cases of Midi Translator Pro + Cinema 4D.

Hi, I’m not that familiar with Cinema 4D but as I understand, it does have plugin in development capabilities. If Cinema 4D has a MIDI plug-in module available then yes, it would indeed be possible to control it with MIDI FIghter (or any other type of MIDI device). Even without a plug-in. Bome MIDI Translator Pro has the ability to convert incoming MIDI (ie from your MIDI Fighter) to either outgoing keystrokes or mouse movements. I suggest you download an evaluation copy and give it a try. The free demo version only runs for 20 minutes at a time but other than that it is fully functional so is ideal for testing your solution.

There are also a few tutorials on how to convert incoming MIDI to mouse or keystroke output. You can find the library of Bome Tutorials here.

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Thanks, should’ve mentioned that I’ve already purchased a copy of MIDI Translator Pro. I realize you can map MIDI to keystrokes, but wanted to see how I’d go about mapping the twister knobs to control value ranges.

OK, does C4D understand MIDI inputs or do you have a plugin for it that does? The MIDI Fighter Twister itself is programmable (using their MF Utility tool) to output different types of MIDI signals itself but you can also use MT Pro to convert existing MIDI signals to other MIDI signals with MT Pro. (You probably know this already).

Basically, if C4D can understand incoming MIDI signals you could potentially use any MIDI controller to convert to what is needed to use the controller as an input device. A specific example of what you are trying to do would be nice if you need more assistance. What, if anything, have you tried already?


Unfortunately C4D doesn’t support MIDI and I wasn’t able to find any plugins for Windows. I came across this one for OSX:

Was hoping someone else has had some success with Windows + C4D + MIDI values. Will continue to search and post if I find a solution. Thanks for your help.

Did you check Griptools? I found this link:
Might be out of your budget however $500 USD /year subscription.