Color Wheels in DaVinci Resolve

Hellow Bome Community!

I'm curious how others have managed to control DaVinci Resolve's functions Color page.

I got Bome MIDI Translator Pro ("BMT Pro") to control DaVinci Resolve with Native Instrument Maschine Studio. I've read all 8 topics and threads in the forum that popped up under the search for "DaVinci Resolve." In addition, I've read the manual and watched the demo YouTube tutorials.

Controlling DaVinci Resolve via the hotkeys is simple enough. However, the Color page in DaVinci Resolve lacks many hotkeys to support color grading; for example, the Color Wheels section.

Here are some strategies I am exploring:

  1. To accommodate variable window dimensions, I first tried using the inject event. BMT Pro's "Windows: inject event" only draws a green rectangle around the whole screen, but isn't able to isolate individual buttons or input areas. The note clearly stated that the injected event doesn't work with all Windows programs. In additional to DaVinci Resolve, Notepad, Paint, and Visual Studio Code, all showed the green rectangle around the whole application window instead of the button I was trying to focus on. I couldn't find a program that allowed me to isolate a button. Perhaps I'm missing something.
  2. Failing option #1, I am going to test the option that may not be as reliable with window sizes changing and resizing of different areas in DaVinci Resolve.
    1. Create a translator using Incoming Control Change message to cause an Outgoing Mouse Left Button Down Click for the Set Mouse Position captured at where the dial under Lift color wheel is.
    2. Create two more translators to accept Incoming Control Change message from a twisty knob switch to cause an Outgoing Mouse Wheel to increase a positive value if the knob was turned right, or decrease if turned left.
    3. To move the middle dot in the Lift color wheel, I could set up additional translators to map a button and two more twisty knobs to move that middle dot to different quadrants of the Lift color wheel.
      1. The button would move the mouse pointer to the middle of that dot via a translator control change mouse button down.
      2. Each knob would be handled by their own translators to move the mouse pointer left/right or up/down depending on the turn of the knobs.
      3. Pressing the button in the previous #1 step would be handled by another translator to cause the mouse button up.

I would appreciate learning how you are handling the Color page.

Indeed some applications do not expose the many controls within their application. So for those, injected events are not very useful.

Yes, if you have a consistent screen location for your color wheel or any other control, it is possible to position the mouse, click, drag, and whatever with a MIDI knob or button. It is a bit of a trial and error but it has been known to work.

I personally do not use Davinci Resolve but I know other users here do so maybe they will chime in with some good examples. I think I did an example for someone using Capture One, so if you search on that, perhaps you can find the example and borrow ideas from it.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Thank you, Steve. I’ll do a search for Capture One and look at the demo.

Try this one:

I’ll check that out. I appreciate the link.


I just bought MT, and I was a little disappointed that I could not just roll into a program and change its dials with a MIDI knob to scrollwheel - even though natively, it supports free scrollwheels everywhere in it.

I tried all the injection variables I could, but nothing would move.

I was just about to give up (but keep it, since it beautifully replaces midi-ox), and something happened.

As I was focused in Firefox, I moved over to the application and without focusing on it, I moved my MIDI knob, and presto. My next thought was, do I need to focus on another window to do this? Turns out, I can click on the desktop to focus on it, and then I can go into my program without focusing and all the knobs work. It's probably a program language difference that lets this happen. This only worked because the program supports scrollwheel from the get-go - a different program was negative.

Perhaps in Resolve, you could click on the desktop, and then hover over some knobs and try that? I don't know if Resolve has scrollwheel capability built-in.

My 2 cents, maybe someone will find this useful from the search engines.

Hi Thomas,

Were you able to get something working regarding a MIDI controller to control color wheels on Davinci Resolve?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Hi Steve, thank you for checking in! You rock in providing support! What is working so far is the assigned knobs can turn the corresponding color wheel to a certain extend. Then I ran into the issue of when the knob would reach 0 or 127 for the MIDI CC value, it wouldn’t adjust anymore. I posted about that issue here:
You helped with providing two potential solutions I’m currently looking into. I’ll update.

Awesome. I actually had alterier motives. Another user interested in Davinci Resolve with X-touch MINI. Found your thread so it would help and saw that it hadn’t been completed yet. Would probably help if you posted your solution when you are done.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist