Command line Export as and import Restorator

I am looking to edit W10 bootres.dll and I need to extract a key change it and then import it. I then will sign it using another tool.

Is it possible to script this? or even code in C# as the paths are always the same.

Any help or guidance much appreciated,.

Hi James,
provided that the key which you want to edit exists in the resources, you should be able to extract and re-assign it from the command line:


Restorator.exe -open bootres.dll -extract <resource> <filename> -exit


Restorator.exe -open bootres.dll -assignOn <resource> <filename> -save -exit

Where is the full path of the resource, e.g. Bitmap\20.

Please try with the trial version of Restorator:

If you need more assistance, can you please be more specific which resource you want to edit in which way?