Communicating with LEDs on controllers

Since some controller manufacturers don’t offer user modes, notably Akai, I’m trying to find out if there is a way to send LED information to the controller via midi translator.

Anybody have experience with that or know how to go about it?

Yes, most Akai controllers, you can send note-on messages with varying velocity to light an LED a given color. Each controller has it’s own note number layout and possibility different velocity values for the LED color. If you have a specific controller, I could probably give you an example. In most cases, you are hooking a control up to an application that knows of the controller type, the note mapping, and velocity values. You can use Bome MIDI Translator pro to alter that behavior, or set up different logic in Bome MIDI Translator Pro to set up your own behavior.

There are a lot of examples on this forum so you might want to search for the controller type you have, download and take a look at a current example.


Steve Caldwell

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That’s very good news, thank you. The controller in question for me is the Akai APC Key 25.

Mostly, I’m trying to set certain static colors to the pads. They don’t have to respond to behavior in the host.


Please find the attached example.

The translators in first preset handle houskeeping stuff like initializing global variables and sending an Initialization sequence to the APC Key25.

The translators in the second preset, handle the messages you want to sent to your application

The translators in the third preset handle LED feedback. Right now they are only for the 40 pads. The rules handle the color management, each with their own global variable toggling off and on. The color state when on determines which color to use but you could use either state to handle different on/off scenarios (colors)

Press a button on your MIDI controller with the log window open to see what control message the controller sends. For LED feedback same the same note back with the required color/velocity.

APC 25 Colors for pad matrix (note velocities)
0=off 1=green 2=flashgreen 3=red 4=flashred 5=yellow 6=flashyellow
Other buttons are 0 for off and anything else for on.

This example was specifically used to control GrandMA Dot 2 lighting but should be easily modifiable for whatever application your are using.

Steve Caldwell

Bome Q and A Moderator and

Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist




Great, thank you very much.