Communication with Stream Deck Plugins

What’s the best way to send real-time data from MT Pro to multiple (JavaScript) Stream Deck plugins. As the platform is macOS, I’m thinking AppleScript—in that case, it’s a question of where/how to most efficiently stash the data so a limited JavaScript app can access it. (It’s a good question for me to ask Elgatto, too, but they do not provide developer support.)

EDIT: If y’all looking to do a StreamDeck plugin, I can provide (gratis) assistance.

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With MT Pro we can send MIDI, keystrokes, and mouse action and also have some limited AppleScript support for Mac. We don’t do JavaScript so you would need to take something that takes one of the above and routes it to JavaScript developed applications.

I’m not aware of any plugin development and as far as I know we are working mostly on MIDI and now doing some MIDI 2.0 development.

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