Compatibility issue, Bome Network & MOTU ClockWorks


Sorry for opening another topic about Bome Network, I encountered this issue today:

When I have Bome Network running in the background, ClockWorks crashes when saving a preset on the Midi Express XT. The preset is still saved, so no work is lost.
This doesn’t happen when I close down Bome Network.

This is on Windows 7, I haven’t checked 10.
I understand if therefore it has no priority at all, but I wanted to report it anyway.


One thing, I’m not sure if the MIDI Express XT is class compliant, but thanks for reporting! I’m not sure if class compliance is related and really have no undertanding on ClockWorks!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,

The MIDI Express XT is definitely not class compliant, I think all MOTU MIDI interfaces require a driver.
It’s a unified driver, like the RME audio drivers.
Now I think about it, the driver is multi-client compatible, that might have something to do with it.

ClockWorks is just the software to control the routing and timecode settings, like Auracle or iConfig for iConnectivity.