Computer Keyboard to Ableton Live shortcuts

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As an Ableton Live user would like to ask some shortcuts programming question using computer keyboard for input and output.
The main goal is to simplify shortuts for simple buttons instead of Ctrl, Ctrl-Shift, Ctrl-Alt combined keystrokes.

  • Can i have a keyboard used exclusively to control Ableton Live shortcuts while using an other one for regular use?
  • How can i setup application focus mode? I need to setup for incoming and outgoing also?
  • Is there a way to setup that the keystrokes for programmed shortcuts works only when CAPS LOCK is on?
  • Possible to setup keystroke/shortcut for repetitive use like Zoom -/+?

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Not without special drivers from your keyboard manufacturer. Both Windows and Mac consider all keyboards equal and non-distinct.

There is an outgoing action for this, you can have a translator with an incoming trigger execute this immediately and then put another translator with the same incoming trigger to send the keystroke with a delay (giving time for the application focus to complete).

I’m afraid not. Again this is a limitation of the operating system.

The incoming trigger would need to be other than a keystroke since they are not suppressed by Bome MIDI Translator. You could, however use an incoming MIDI message to generate repetitive keystrokes using either key repeat with the outgoing action or using a timer.

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Hello Steve,

Wow, thanks for superquick and proper answers.
I will check out all what is possible as you described.


So it’s not possible eg. holding Shift + Left arrow. Eg. for a zoom function. I mean “Zoom In” by every hit of left arrow while holding the shift. These function doesn’t really works for me.
If i understand correctly i have to hit shift+leftarrow for each step of zooming in.

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Shift is another story than Caps Lock as it is a keyboard modifier and not a change in keyboard state.

Could you please explain what your required incoming trigger is and what the resulting keystroke you would like sent to Ableton Live. As far as I can tell, Ableton Live uses “+” for zoom-in and “-” for zoom out. Shift+Right Arrow, will extend the selection to the right.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: