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Buenos días amigos, como le puedo poner diferentes notas a mi controlador, estoy usando Dot2 controlador de luces, pero cuando le conecto el MIDI al programa y subo los faders todos me dan la misma nota, por ejemplo si subo el 1 o el 9 me dice que es la nota1, como puedo configurar para que los faders del 1 al 9 seas diferentes.

Good morning friends, as I can put different notes to my controller, I am using Dot2 light controller, but when I connect MIDI to the program and raise the faders they all give me the same note, for example if I raise 1 or 9 I it says it is note1, how can I configure the faders from 1 to 9 to be different.


SJC> Hi, if I remember the APC-40 puts out the same CC number on each of the faders' channels with fader 1 being on MIDI CH 1, fader 2 being MIDI CH 2 and so on.  So instead of converting the CC number to a note, set it up to convert the incoming channel to an outgoing note.

For APC40 (both MKI and MKII)  it would be:

Incoming: CC7 on MIDI CH1 value qq

Outgoing:  Note 0 on MIDI CH 1 value qq

Incoming: CC7 on MIDI CH 2 value qq

Outgoing: Note 1 on MIDI CH 1 value qq

... and so on.


Or you could set up one translator for all faders

Incoming: CC 7 on any MIDI CH set channel to pp any value set value to qq

Outgoing: Note pp on MIDI CH 1 value qq


I think however, the master fader on both devices is CC 14 on MIDI CH 1


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