Configure APC 40 MK2 for MyDMX3.0

Good afternoon All
I wanted to see if there was already a template i could load for using the APC 40 as a lighting controller. I currently use and APC Mini MK2 and it works fresh out the box however i wanted a lil more control and alot more options so here i am. I tried a different software that would have gotten me there however its only for windows and i use a mac. Any help or link to a post that can help would be great

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I haven’t seen any specific templates for any controller for MyDMX3.0. If you have a few functions you need, maybe you can describe them and I can give you some examples and you can build from there. Since I don’t have MyDMX3.0 or any lighting, I wouldn’t be able to test it, however, so you would need to do that. I would need to know:

  1. The control on the APC40-MK2 you want to move.
  2. The MIDI message or series of MIDI messages you want to map it to.

MyDMX3.0 has it’s own MIDI mapping tool but I’m assuming you maybe wanting to chain several MIDI mesage on output for a single MIDI message on input.

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Good morning…

Currently im using a APC Mini mk2 and its plug and play for assigning buttons and getting feedback from the application and on the devicr itself. I kinda want the same thing.

My goal:

  1. is to set all of the buttons to match a control function start stop next previous (buttons above faders) while the 8x5 grid to match master scenes in Mydmx3.0. As i said the mini it was plug and play i had full rgb selection of colors and i received feedback right away. When i first used the 40mk2 the button feedback wasnt there even though i could see the selection on the screen. i wanna set the buttons to a set color (matching color on screen) and when selected they flash in that color and when unselected stay on solid. Right now on the mini2 its color on when not active and grey when active. Secondly i wanna build a flash macro (read it somewhere) so upon releasing that button it’ll automatically trigger a different button. Button 1 is beam on and button 2 (below it) is strobe i want when i release the strobe it goes back to button 1 (beam on) for lighting i have several strobe options and even sometimes i hit wrong button trying to release the strobe effect. Im gonna use that macro alot for things like colors gobos and movements

  2. use the 8 encoders as channel faders (attributes) i saw someone post a video some time ago using the 8 encoders as if they were 72 encoders i wanna copy that idea. Using those 8 sets of 8 to control 8 differnt fixture groups attributes like dimmer strobe color gobos etc. (You get thr idea) either that or figure if i can create several pages where the encoders and 8x5 grid can control different fixtures since each page behaves separately from each other.

Several people use GrandMA with the APC40. i see tons of videos About it on YouTube. I invested alot of time into mydmx3.0 and not ready to rebuild and purcahse a whole new software or id copy that path.
Showcockpit was best option for me since the designer already built button templates however its PC only and im a Mac user. Definitely looking forward to some help and guidance from anyone willing to share.

Sorry for the long read.

OK, so this will take a lot of time, but I believe it is achievable. A few comments:

The APC-40 uses different color mapping than the APC MINI MK2.

It looks like the color mapping is not quite right and I’m not sure what the DMX3.0 is sending. If it just sends 2 colors you will not be able to always get a color match.

Please indicate which button you want to push and release, what MIDI message you want to send and which LED’s you want to light up. I can show you a demonstration on how to do this.

So you want 9 layers based on what fader you last moved and then the 8 encoders to follow the attributes base the selected layer? Then also switch the layer (page) showing different matrix colors based on the page switched?

Again most of this requires a bunch of work. I can provide simple sample of functionality here if you want to build it your self or reach out to me via Private message or email if you want me to build it for your for a fee.

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Also available for paid consulting services: