Configure incoming Midi Message with a Midi board modifier key command (Loupedeck+)

Windows 10

Hi there,

Forgive me if this has already been discussed. I’m new to midi controllers and am not sure I have the right vocabulary to describe what I’m after.

My midi controller, the Loupedeck+, has a function key “Fn” That acts as a secondary modifier key.

How can I capture a midi message that entails an incoming action with 2 separate keys on the midi controller device? E.g. pressing Fn + L1 keys for a unique command (Where L1 is already mapped to another incoming MIDI message)

Hopefully, this makes sense. Thanks!

I think I found the right tutorial for “holding key modifiers”.

Is this appropriate for and Function key modifier? Making an alternate Preset.

If so, how can I then make a 1 button press (Not button hold) toggle of on/off presets?

Sorry for the beginner questions. I’m working this out for the first time. Thanks!

Yes that is one way of doing it. There is also another way.

Tutorial: Add SHIFT Layer on a MIDI Controller in Bome MIDI Translator Pro [advanced]

In the above example you can change the state of a global variable so that the first time you press the button it will be on and the second press, off (toggle).

The way to toggle a global variable would be


So incoming note on MIDI channel 1 note 5 value 127


if ga==1 then qq=127

Outgoing note-on MIDI channel 1 note 5 value qq

Or if you want to only use as a modifier, then you just use the rule with no outgoing action and then you can have another translator to do something like.

incoming : whatever

// which control
// value for ga=0
if ga==1 then pp=12
//what value
// value for ga==0
if ga==1 then pp=qq

Outgoing: Control change on MIDI channel 1 CC pp value qq

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