Configuring Akai APC MKii mini with voicemeeter potato and macros to run the leds

hello im trying tto run the led’s and change the colors on voicemeter and bome but not sure where to start on configuring wise… on how i would go about setting it up and to change colors when selected and not selected. and on keypress…

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Can you give me an example of which button you want to push, what LED you want to change colors, and the color you want. Also do you want it to toggle between colors or do you want it momentary (only shows the color while pushing)? Are you wanting to control the colors with a Voicemeeter Macro Button, or MIDI control?

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i wanna do it with both :slight_smile: i wanna have a example of how i set it up in. i want to set the color for on and off :slight_smile:

This is what my config looks like i need to adjust it lol

for example red when off and green when on
and for sound effects i want them to be blue then green when i push them then they timeout after a few seconds


Although I cannot provide every permutation of what you want, I offer the Project file to show you how you can send MIDI from both Macro Buttons and from Voicemeeter MIDI feedback.

First I set up aliases as follows. In your case, ‘Steve-Gaming:APC-MINIPC Vi?’ should be ‘APC mini Mk2 1’

At this point I have no translators but have the following MIDI thru paths. You will note that here are two ports that can send to the APC-MINI.



You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

In Voicemeeter I have set up MIDI devices as follows:


I set up a test button for A1 Strip 2


If you right click on FF: you will see this. This is where we send MIDI feedback for the desired colors:


This takes care of the MIDI section of receiving and sending to your APC-MINI MK2

Now for macro buttons I have set up MIDI output as follows:


The macro button is programmed as follows to send to this port (BMT 2) which is the second input to Bome MIDI Translator.

APCMINI-MK2-VM-2024-04-06.bmtp (1.1 KB)

If you want to actually transform MIDI messages, you will need to add translators and set the ‘Swallow’ option of them so that the original MIDI message does not use the MIDI thru paths set.

I hope this helps get you started.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

this is making sense a bit :slight_smile:

now i cant use my sliders on my board to control volumes lol what would i do to set that

You just have to MIDI learn the sliders in the MIDI config. It should work.

doesnt seem to work?

Show me what you see in your Bome MIDI Translator Log and how you have set up your aliases.

When i hit the sliders i see this

Show me Edit Project Port Aliases popup.


Then test log again checking both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT.

Screenshot 2024-04-06 170654

when i move sliders i see this

Enlarge the MIDI Ports window so that you also see the output ports.

its saying port not assigned lol

Please assign all of your aliases to the proper port.


how do i do that tho lol

In the same MIDI Assignment window I showed you. You just need to drag it longer and then assign the aliases that show not assigned.