connect Lemur on android phone to Bome Box via Wifi

Hi everybody,
I play guitar through an Elektron Octatrack and several MIDI capable effects. I have a Bome Box on my pedal board, managing Midi inputs from several USB controllers, so far, so good.. thanks BomeBox :D

I would absolutely love to control my effects also with my smartphone, as I can easily attach this to my guitar. I bought the Lemur app as I think, it would be perfect.

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to connect Lemur to the Bome Box via Wifi.
Is that possible? am I missing anything?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, right now Bome Network runs on Mac, Windows PC and BomeBox only.  There is an iOS beta version available and you can use the "contact" link if you are interested. Of course none of this will help with your desire to connect to/from your Android smartphone. 

Bome is also working on a version of OSC, however it is not yet even in Beta yet.  


In the meantime, you would probably need to use and OSC to MIDI bridge on Mac, PC so that Lemur could transmit OSC to your  computer and it could convert to MIDI sending it out Bome Network to your BomeBox.

You would, of course need additional software on your Mac or PC to convert OSC to MIDI.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist




Hi Steve, thanks for the reply.
Good to know it runs on IOS, maybe I will get an old IPhone then. Are there any plans to implement Android as well?

I don´t really understand why I would need an OSC to Midi converter, as Lemur can also send Midi, not just OSC. Am I missing something?

Is the IOS beta already usable? I would definitely be interested in trying it out!

Hi, OSC is a network protocol. MIDI is not so as far as the application is concerned all MIDI ports are local to the device. Bome Network is used to make your MIDI ports look as if there were local to your device. In summary you need a supported network Protocol and for now on BomeBox it is Bome Network. The BomeBox is also a generic MIDI router so you can pass other network packets through (just like any other router). It is just not loaded with software (OSC or rtpMIDI) to convert to MIDI for processing on the BomeBox. Bome is working on both of these capabilities but I cannot provide a timeline.

IOS is usable as far as I can tell as I'm part of the beta program and have found it to be pretty slick. I can use touch OSC on my iPhone to send and receive MIDI messages to anything on my Bome Network.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

OK, so even if I got an Iphone, I would still need an OSC to Midi translator?
Do you need a translator for touch OSC?

Sorry, if I´m a bit slow, I´ve just never done anything like this...

No, with an iPhone you could request the beta copy of Bome Network for iOS and then you should be able to run any MIDI enabled application across the Bome Network to your BomeBox from there.


Great! Thanks for the help, I will try to get it working with an Iphone then!
Cheers and all the best!