Connect Roland Boutique via USB

At the moment, it does not seem possible to connect Roland Boutique devices, such as the JU-06a and SE-02, via USB MIDI.

While these devices (as far as I know) are not class compliant, some other USB hosts recognize them. For instance, the AKAI Force is able to connect all of my Boutique synths via USB MIDI, with input/output working flawlessly.

Would this be possible on a future Bomebox version too?

Hi, I’m not aware of any effort write special USB drivers for non class-compliant devices. I suggest use MIDI DIN and a class compliant MIDI DIN to USB converter if you want to use USB.

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Thanks. I’m just curious what AKAI is doing, and if there’s some simple shortcut. Google searches for AKAI and Roland Boutique do not show up anything, so it’s not even advertised as a feature. Makes me think that it is something really simple that they’re doing that makes the Boutiques work.

Actually, we believe that a future firmware update will include support for Roland Boutique devices (but we have not tested yet). Because this is part of a larger update (most likely firmware v2.0), it will still take some time.

Ruben, if you don’t mind, I’ll contact you when we have a beta firmware ready for noncommittal testing.

Please do, that would be great. Thanks so much!

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