Connection problem (Arturia Beatstep-Bome-Capture One) every time i start up


Since a few days i'm using the combination Arturia Beatstep + Bome Midi translator pro to photo edit with Capture One 12 (MacOs 10.15.3), and i'm loving it.

The only "problem" is stating up.

Every time i want to start i have trouble making it work (connect) and at the end i don't know what finally made it work.

I try the "panic stop/ start button" in Bome, closing and starting the 3 applications (i don't even know if i need Midi control center to be opened..), and clicking my Capture one user template in Midi control center and syncing it.

-Is there an order in starting applications?

-Do i need Midi control center to start as well ( i know i don't need it while everything is working)?

-why do i get a working memory in my user template every time, and how to get rid of those?

-Doesn't Midi Control center use the last template used?

I really don't get it. Sometimes it works in a minute and sometimes i keep restarting, changing templates and reconnecting many times.

Thanks for your help,

As I understand, MIDI control center is a separate MIDI application provided by Arturia to program your Beatstep.  

On Windows, no two MIDI applications can access the same MIDI ports at the same time.  You will either need to close MIDI Control Center when using Bome MIDI Translator Pro or if MIDI Control Center allows it, connect it to unused Bome MIDI Translator virtual port instead. I have a suspicion however, that MIDI Control Center will not recognize anything but their own devices directly.


Is there a reason you would need both MIDI Control Center and Bome MIDI Translator running concurrently?



Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Hello Steve,
Thanks for your reply. I needed Midi control to number the buttons and do some basics settings. Bome is the application to program the buttons to the shortcuts on my mac.
Once connection is made the applications don’t conflict with each other, but i don’t need Midi control any more. The problem was just the cumbersome starting up/ connecting every new day.
It seems i do need Midi control center to do this (i have to point the user template i created for this (i named it Capture One) because every time it starts up with default. Then sync, en then i have to click my user template AGAIN because after sync it goes to some working memory. Also strange for me: it forms a list of those working memory tabs in the field where my user template is (local templates tab); very time a new one, and they stay there unless i manually erase them one by one. It becomes a mess, and no idea why i need them and why the settings don’t stay the way i left it, but it works :slightly_smiling_face:
After connection i can close Midi control center because it has no function anymore then (but doesn’t cause problems either).
I don’t think i can start connection with only Bome. Am i supposed to? That’s what i thought; starting Bome, and then starting Capture One, but it doesn’t work. Even if Bome says it’s connected.

Well I'm not very familiar with Control Center but if you don't need it after it has done its initialization, I suppose you can just shut it down and do the key shortcut mapping with MT Pro.

If you can tell your Control Center software to look at MT Ports and set thru routes from your Beatstep to CC, that would work too, however may of these types of apps insist on using the port names they were given by the manufacturer.


Anyway, I'm glad you got it working!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist