Continuous knob with APC40

I am using MIDI Translator Pro to control an APC40 in DaVinci Resolve. So far I’ve got the knobs configured to lift/gamma/gain using mouse click, mouse drag, and click up timer. It works great but they aren’t continuous.

The knobs go from 00 to 7F, is there anyway to make the knobs loop/continuous or something else?

Hi Victoria and welcome to the forum!

I’m not sure on the APC40 MK1 but on the APC40 MK2 if I continue to turn right after reaching 127, it keeps sending 127. If I continue to turn left after reaching 0, it continues to send 0.

If this is the same for you on the MK1, then the attached should work for you.

Each knob will need it’s own global variable.

What we do is compare the incoming value to the last known value that we hold in a global variable (in this case I use ga).

If the new value is less than the last known value or 0 then we send a left keystroke.
If the new value is more than the last known value or a value of 127 we send a right keystroke.
We then store the last known value for the next iteration.

Most of the rules are in the first translator. Only one of the two translators will fire depending on the comparison we did.

You can ignore the debug rules. This is a feature I’m testing in the Beta version of MT Pro (1.8.5).

I used the top left knob for this example.

APC-40-MK2-Absolute to Keystroke-2021-03-17.bmtp (1.9 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Support`