continuous led-feedback Novation launchpad MK2 from all translators used in a preset

Hi Steve,

is it possible to let shine (in continuous mode) all LEDs of the used pads (with its deposited translators) in a special preset of a MK2-Launchpad?

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Yes, the Launchpad MK2 is programmable and by sending it specific notes (or in some case Sysex messages) we can send MIDI information to it to make the LED’s light whatever color you would like. It has 64 pads and Probably 128 colors (more or less as some of the colors may be indistinguishable with other while actually looking at the device so to be save I would try to limit what you display to somewhere between 16 and 32 colors.

The Launchpad MK2 Programmer reference guide can be downloaded from the Novation web site and is quite thorough. If you are looking for something to demonstrate one of the many ways to colors, I can send something but if you could describe in more detail the way you want your Launchpad MK2 to behave, I can contract with you paid programming/consulting services.

Usually what I do, to manipulate multiple LED’s is I bit map their colors into a serials of global variables. When I push a button on the launchpad, I just update the global variables involved (not the LED) and the use a timer to refresh all of the 64 LEDs based on the updated values of the global variable.

For example the below simple Sysex Message will light all of the LED’s of the Launchpad MK2 a single color white (03). Changing that value will light it up a different color.

F0 00 20 29 02 18 0E 03 F7


Most people that approach me for programming services are looking for ways to provide “meaningful” LED information back to their MIDI control devices. In some cases, I actually have the same device they are asking about for testing. In other cases, I have to read the user manual and do the best I can to “emulate” their device with one of my available devices.

Send me a email if you are looking for some type of programming services.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Hello Steve, many thanks for the detailed answer. I just wanted to let already occupied pads in different presets shine somehow, no matter which color.
So that I know which pad I can put on again. If it’s relatively simple, I can probably do it myself…
Kind regards

Glad to help, Peter!