Control and color led in arturia beatstep

Greetings ! I’m still bothering you with my Arturia beatstep :slight_smile:

I would like some pads of my keyboard to have a steady led light, both when I press them and when I leave them. This is my setting for the pads, they have one value when pressed and one when released, no velocity, it seemed easier that way

I also tried to change color but in the arturia midi control there is no possibility for this in beatstep pannel (as you can see from the image above) , the led of the beatstep pads have different colors (red, blue, purple etc) and in other controllers of arturia there is this possibility to change (as attached below) but not in the Bstep.

if you have any suggestions I would be grateful

Hi, the original Beatstep only allows for 1 color in Control Mode. The color will be red. For sequence mode the color is blue only.

So you can turn on and off the LED if they are programmed as notes. Send a note-on with any velocity other than 0 to the note number of the pad to turn it on remotely. Send a note-off with any velocity to turn the pad off. (Control Mode only)

You can also control the pad behavior as either latch (momentary) or toggle using Aurturia MIDI Control center. If you set it to toggle the device will locally control the LED state and you can override the current state remotely by either note-on or note-off as described above.

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