Control movie on media player with Midi and sync to lighting software

Hi Bome Community,
Can you advise me please?
I have DMX stage lighting controlled with an Avolites Titan Mobile desk. This can communicate via Midi.
I want to “timecode” a movie with my lighting so that the lighting is perfectly synced to the movie, but I need the movie player to output 4K and Surround Sound, so this needs to be a quality media player.
In addition to this I will be using Madmapper projection mapping also synced to the movie.

All of this is to offer a great family community event for everyone to enjoy. I love being creative and more so sharing this unique event with others for their enjoyment and for free.

I have tried using the “reaper” daw and midi linking to the soundtrack, and although it works very well, the player outputs a poor quality picture and low volume sound and I have had to make many mods to the software to get it to play.

Ideally I want to play the movie on the 4K KMPlayer which is excellent both in picture and sound, and I wondered if anyone has come across this concept before. Is there a possibility to control the start/stop/pause with a midi generated trigger?

I would like the option of a timecode so each light fixture movement/colour change etc has an exact time it occurs and is perfectly triggered / synced every time the movie is played.
Failing that, trigger the lighting at the start of each music track or event from the movie on the media player.
Is this a possibility?
Or if not feasible, could you offer an idea that would work with this software?
I am competent with digital lighting design and programming, but have no experience of midi, though I can follow a clear work instruction.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for posting! Hopefully some lighting and media professionals will be able to help you source the right software. We have various people out there using Bome MIDI Translator for lighting, sound, and show control.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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