Controlling Digitone cutoff (LSB/MSB) with one CC...

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I'd really like to use my Nanokontrol to control the filter on my Elektron Digitone. The problem is that the Digitone is expecting the following (see image) and I don't know how to convert a simple CC (eg 74) into the more complex / combined LSB / MSB values that the Digitone is expecting.

Would anyone be able to help me please? So something like - take Nanokontrol channel 4 CC 74, translate that into the Digitone's format...?

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Hi, each parameter will need to be controlled by a different CC. I've included a project file here for CC74 to handle Filter Frequency and CC75 to hanled Resonance.

Of course you will need to set up your Digitone to recognize NRPN. I think this is set up in settings somewhere.

You should see what I did. I simply plugged in the proper NRPN MSB and LSB values into the outgoing action and pass through the incoming value of qq untouched.


Steve Caldwell
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