Controlling Metric Halo Channelstrip with MTPro and Midi Fighter

Finally, with some help from Steve, I was able to program MTPro to control Metric halo Channelstrip with a Midi controller, in this case a Midi Fighter Twister. Metric halo Channelstrip can only be controlled via mouse, that makes it a little tricky.

I wanted the rotary encoders have direct access to the knobs in the channelstrip, no other clicks or moves involved. So the tricky thing was to send the mouse to a certain screen position, then click down, then move the mouse, then release, all that with one single command. So timers are heavily used here. The MTpro file is attached at the end, as is the file for the Midifighter settings. If someone wants to adapt it, consider the screensize, mine is 1440x900; also the position of the plugin window is crucial. I put it in the upper left corner. After restarting MIO console I have to position the channelstrip exactly there, but only once. All the channelstrips of all channels will open there, and so can be controlled from the Midifighter.

I use the 16 knobs of the first layer of Midifighter to control 4 EQs, the second layer for gate and compressor.

It works pretty good. Not as smooth as real midi controlers, but good enough. And the midifighter can be color coded to match the plugin, so the colors of the EQ match between computer screen and controller.



simple demo video w/o sound

Very cool, Klaus. Thanks for sharing this!