Controlling my Atem Mini even better - nanoKontrol2 and Behringer Xtouch mini

OK, Thanks to your help for my 1-8 Fader setup I managed to get the Mackiemode working.

It now swallows the touch command so I don’t get the “strange” behavior I mentioned above.

I also managed to implement your “Turn Fader 8 into Master”


Perhaps its to much, but with this alternate Fader solution it would also be possible to reassign the Knobs, correct? It would be great if they could also control the gain…

You can translate them to pretty much whatever you want. The key question is will ATEM software recognize them. Gain in Mackie world is faders so it would be same as you did for them. Mackie MCU is a well defined spec and if it is not part of the spec an you are using Mackie MCU then probably not. But if ATEM can natively take other MIDI messages (or MIDI converted to keystrokes) then yes.

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Great! Thank you!
I will report!