Controlling not-in-focus software on MacOS

Hello, a complete newcomer here. I have zero experience with musical equipment. I am researching my options to control media playback with a hardware controller. From the look of it, I can use MIDI Translator to make X-Touch One control Videolan VLC playback. However, my application is interview transcription, so I need to type in one software while playing media in another. Would I be able to control VLC playback when VLC is not in focus? I am on Mac. Many thanks in advance!

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VLC will require focus for sending keystrokes. You will not be able to type into one application and send keystrokes to VLS simultaneously, however if you are using VLC for Play/Pause, you can use MIDI to change the focus to VLS, send a keystroke after a short delay and then change the focus back to your other application (after a longer delay) at which point you can continue typing into your transcription application.

In this case it is 3 translators with the same incoming trigger but with a different outgoing action.
1 - Focus VLC
2 - Send Keystroke
3 - Focus Transcription

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