Controlling Plugins in Pro-Tools

Hey Steve,

Ok, so please feel free to disregard this first inquiry as I figured it out on my own.

That said, I have a new question for you!

Is it possible to use your software to change plugin settings in a DAW?

Specifically, I’m wondering if I could change the key/scale settings in Waves Tune Real-Time inside of Pro Tools.

Any idea if that’s possible?

Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

Logan V.

By the way— sorry I missed your initial reply…I never got an email notifying me that you had responded. Thanks for your help though!

Hi, since this is a new question, I split this off into a new thread.

My understanding is the Pro-Tools uses HUI controllers so yes anything a HUI controller can do should be able to control parameters in an attached plug-in. The HUI controller usually has a Plug-In Button and then you move VPOTS to select the plugin you want and then control it from there.

If you are not using a HUI controller, I think (but am not 100% sure) that you can use a generic controller if you select the right input MIDI port in Pro-Tools. I know Cubase has something called “quick controls” so maybe Pro-Tools has something similar. I don’t have a Pro-tools license so am not able to research it further.

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Thanks so much. So I’m not sure if this changes things or not, but I am using a little computer that is built for backing tracks called the Cymatic-LP 16. That’s what we use to send midi messages to automate various hardware live.

So, I’m not using a regular midi controller. But I can send any PCs or CCs I want.

There would need to be a combination of notes and CC’s with specific values to be able to navigate to the plugin you would like to control. In HUI mode, you would have to use a note to select plugins (default is pan) for VPOTs. Then navigate to the right plugin device (combination of V-POT turns and push) to get to the parameter you want to adjust. It can be done but it might be a little messy. If Pro-Tools support straight CC for plugin parameter controls that would be better but I doubt it. You would need to check with Avid to see.

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