Controlling Relays with Bome MIDI Translator Pro


I just completed a project for a client that might interest some other users here.

He basically wanted to control his sound modules with MIDI. The sound modules switching only supported 1/4 inch jack switching so essentially the project involved converting MIDI signals to controlling relay switching. The relays are tied to the 1/4 jacks the plug into the sound modules.

He didn't want to use footswitches but instead MIDI messages from his Keytar.

In order to achieve this, we used Bome MIDI Translator Pro serial port output function to send serial messages to an Arduino box that then converted these messages into relay on/off messages. This solution would work equally as will with Bome Box.

So the path is as follows.

KeyTar -> MIDI to MT Pro -> Serial to Arduino -> Relay control to attached Arduino relay shield -> 1/4 jacks to sound modules.

To make this work, I had to program MIDI to Serial in MTPro and then write a script to take incoming serial commands to control pins on the relay shield.

The attached video shows him performing with the solution. Interesting he used some sort of tupperware box to house his Arduino. I'm sure he will re-package this later.

If anyone is interested in a similar solution, please feel free to send me an email.


Here is some links I created to the test I did when completing the solution (on my arduino)

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See attached original question post for the solution.