Controlling torpedo C.A.B

Hi , I was wondering if this was possible . I have a bome box and translator pro . I’ve got a Two Notes torpedo cab which has no midi connection . It is controlled by an app on my Samsung .Would it be possible to be able to change patches using the bome box over wireless . I’ve only just received my bome box it had a faulty din connector so it is being exchanged . Would be great if this was possible .

Hi, besides being a MIDI router. BomeBox is also a WiFi and ethernet router, so if your app connects to BomeBox via WiFi and, your Torpedo C.A.B. Also recognizes WiFi, then it might work. I’m not sure if your app uses WiFi or bluetooth. If it uses bluetooth , then you would need direct bluetooth connection between your app and your C.A.B. If using WiFi and both your app and your C.A.B. is on the same WiFI network, then it should work.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve , Thanks for fast response ,that sounds promising the app uses wifi .