Controlling UAD Luna transport w/ Akai Live II

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I’m currently playing with the MTP demo to see if I can make the transport buttons on my Akai Live II control the transport in UAD’s Luna, which notoriously doesn’t slave to anything, or respond to MMC.

Starting with the MPC in controller/plugin mode, I have MTP listening to the IAC bus, reading the MMC/Sysex from the button presses, and emitting “spacebar” which toggles playback on Luna for Play & Stop, and returning to 0 for Play/Start.

What I’d like to happen is for MTP to only emit “spacebar” once for the first press of either Play or Stop and then ignore subsequent presses until a different button is pressed.

Is that doable?

Thanks for making such a great tool. I’ve only just scratched the surface but it feels like it contains the solution to a long standing itch I need to scratch.

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Please find the attached.

Translator 0 will trigger on Note 40. You may need to change this to the SysEX you want to trigger on.

The rules look at the value of global variable “ga”. It is is 0 it performs 2 actions.

  1. Perform “Focus Luna”
  2. Perform “Space” with a parameter of 20
    It then sets ga to 1 so on the next iteration it will not do this.
    Translator 0.1 Focuses the desired application. Since I don’t have Luna, I’m focusing on “notepad.exe”. I’m running on windows. You will need to change the outgoing action here to whatever your Luna application is.
    Translator 0.2 then send the space key but delays sending it for 20ms which was the parameter passed using “Perform”.

Translator 0.3 simply sets ga back to 0 so the if you send the Trigger message again, it will send the space.

The trick here will be to set the incoming trigger of translator 3 to accept various messages to reset ga. You may need to have multiple translators if you have a bunch of different messages to trigger this. You can also use patterns. For instance if you use MIDI raw ‘oo pp qq’ then any 3 byte incoming MIDI message will trigger translator 0.3. In my case I added a rule so that if the message matches translator 0.0, then it will not trigger.

I set up my input alias as follows. You should set it to that of your Akai Live.

Remember, you must make the modifications I suggested to make it work in your environment.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

space1.bmtp (1.8 KB)

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Thanks very much Steve. A couple of tweaks and it works like a dream.

In then end I didn’t need a reset translator, and set a separate variable for the stop and play. Attached if you’re interested, or if anyone else comes here looking for a solution.

Guess I better buy a license now :slightly_smiling_face:

MPC Luna Control.bmtp (1.5 KB)

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