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I have a Xtone Pro that I am using as a MIDI controller and sending it into Bome. I would like to send a cc message to turn my computer volume up, but I want to be able to hold the footswitch button down to allow for a smooth increase in volume (hold the button down until the PC is at the volume you want and release when you want it to stop increasing). Is this possible with Bome?

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The attached should help get you started.

For testing, I used notes instead of CC but you can change to CC’s of your choosing for your pedal.

Translator 0.0 looks for note-on MIDI CH 1 note 64 value 127.
In the rules we set a global variable ‘ga’ to a value of 1 signaling upward movement.
We set gb to 50 to tell a timer how often we want to repeat.

Translator 0.0 looks for note-on MIDI Ch 1 note 65 value 127
Again we set ga and gb accordingly. In this case gb=-1

Each of the above translators trigger a repeating timer call ‘Volume’ indefinitely at the rate set in gb (50 ms).

Translator 0.2 will send a ‘Volume Up’ keystroke if ga=1, otherwise it does nothing.
Translator 0.3 will send a ‘Volume Down’ keystroke if ga=-1, otherwise it does nothing
Translator 0.4 Looks at either note 64 or 65 (in rules). If you have released the pedal (value 0), it will kill the timer and set ga back to 0.

Again, change translator 0.0 0.1 and 0.4 to the CC’s of your choosing and you should be all set.

I tested with my controller that sends notes and have my MIDI alias set as follows:


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Here is the project file.

Note-to-volume-timer.bmtp (1.8 KB)

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Thank you so much for the help on this…I am wondering if my midi controller is not going to work for this. I get a smooth volume up and down, but I can’t stop it. I will just increase the volume or decrease and not stop. I suspect my midi controller is not sending a repeat cc (which looking at the logs in bome it is NOT repeating), when I click the footswitch I get a single CC even if I hold the footswitch.

Yeah I don’t get any note off from my midi controller :frowning:

Yes, most controllers that send CC send with a value of 127 when pressed and 0 when released. You could change the notes to CC# and use value of 127 in place of where I put note-on and value of 0 where I used note off.

If the pedal does nothing when it is released you would have to have another switch to tell when to stop increasing or decreasing the volume.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: