Converting CC to note and then Toggle controller LED on and off


I am using Bome to convert a CC button to a note on/off to control the state of a Plugin in Ableton. I have the CC to note conversion working and a single press of the button turns the plugin on and another press turns it off. I would like to also assign that CC button to toggle a light on and off with the state of the plugin. I can get the light to turn on when I press the button but it goes out when I release it. Is there a way to make it toggle with the state of the plugin.




If your plugin toggles note-on, note-off back to MT Pro, then you can just pass that message along. If not, you will only be able to control the LED by MT Pro itself. You can take the input of your controller and toggle led on-off by toggling a global variable. Say that CC with a value of greater than 64 is note on and less than 64 is note off.


CC 14 on MIDI CH 3 any value set value to pp

// cross over point
// determine if we crossed
// get last value

// get current value
// Multiply to check if we crossed
// If negative, then we crossed
if uu<=0 then tt=1

// For next time calculation

// only toggle on positive crossing
if pp<=ss then exit rules, skip outgoing action

// we didn't cross, so skip
if tt==0 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

// toggle gb
if tt==1 then gb=gb^1



// Note on color
if gb==1 then qq=127


Note on MIDI CH 1 value qq to (controller that has LED).


With this every time the incoming CC value exceeds


Steve Caldwell
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Thanks for your reply. I tried adding those rules that you specified and I think I have the input and output set as you describe. Still doesn’t work. Not sure what I’m missing

What controller are you using? What control are you sending the notes back to?

Using an Ableton Push trying to send back to LED on the Push

Can you show me your log window?

Here is a screen shot of my log window after pressing the button


OK, I don’t see where you are sending a value of >64 more than once. The toggle will only happen when the incoming value pp, crosses past 64 in the upward direction.

Then it should send Push to MIDI B2 5A 7F, then the next time you cross upward it will be B2 5A 00 again.

Ok, thanks. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to trouble shoot that. Is that something I want to add to the translator?

The Screen shot was only one button press and one release. So that should turn on the LED then I would need to second press and release to turn the LED off. Wouldn’t the second >64 message be in the second press and release. In any case the LED doesn’t turn on or off


Try this,

First and every press will send Note on MIDI CH2 value 127 to Ableton Live (First translator)

Second translator sends alternate Note On with Velocity 0 or 127 to Push Note 99 MIDI CH1


They both use the same incoming trigger and crossover moving from below 64 to above 64 value

However second one also toggles the value of GA to send alternating note on and note off every time it crosses from from below to 64 value (every push).

I think this is what you want.

I removed some rules from the first and left them in in the second (such as toggle and resetting the value of GA). The translators need to stay in this order.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Set up your aliases correctly so the MIDI messages go to the right place for each translator.



Well, thanks for making me look at the log window. As it turns out the plug in was sending midi back to MT pro. I used that for the light. Got the message for on and off. Worked like a charm. Thanks you!

Glad you got it working.

And oh yes it will be more reliable if Ableton can update the LED instead. That way you can update the state on-screen as well as with your push and things will remain in sync.