Converting trigger event inline

Hi Guys...again :-)

I have a bunch of presets/translators that use a common trigger midi note on. Ie Note numbers 0, 1 and 2 which use gestures to fire off various outputs. My idea was to make a main filter translator instead of discrete checking and duplication so what Im asking is;

Can an incoming event eg 9E 41 7F be translated into a trigger event that is then passed down the processing queue? ie convert the above incoming to eg 90 01 7F and have this passed down through the following presets/translators and be evaluated as the converted rather than the original midi input?



You can do this with a combination of an original incoming event translator to convert/store global variables and then trigger a timer. Then additional translators with the same incoming timer, each, that evaluate the gloval variable and determine whether to trigger outgoing actions depending on their rules.


If you are specifically looking for managing gestures, you can look at the link below.


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