Copy/Paste Rules

Can rules be pasted in the rules section of the translators but not copied out?


If you select the entire translator and then copy, you can paste the entire translator into a new translator (rules and all) or you can use the duplicate translator function. Everything in the original translator will remain (if you use copy and not cut).

Control C (command c for MAC) is copy

Control V (command v for MAc) is paste

If you want to move the translator use Cut – Control X (command x for MAC). In this case the original translator will not be left in tact.

If all you want to copy is rules, simply go to the rules section with your mouse pointer and hit Control A (command a for MAC) which means select all. Then do the Control C. Then move your pointer to the rules section of the new translator and hit Control P.

Keep in mind that if the new translator will be using different global variables, you will have to edit it accordingly.

I hope this helps!



Understood. Thanks!