Couple Of Bugs

First, a minor bug that happens sometimes.
MTP disallows Alt + Tab to work sometimes. But then other times it doesn’t. It’s
pretty random.

Other bug:
Windows Inject Events: I had tried using it on a menu item before, with a left click on a particular menu item, then another translator of keystroke up, enter. It was supposed to make the menu selection. It wasn’t working at all, so I got rid of the translator. But now anytime I have any mouse click translators on that same menu item, MTP still executes that old Inject Events translators. I checked all my shortcuts and the same trigger no longer exists. The translators for it no longer exists. But now I can’t use MTP to click on those menu items or those deleted translators will execute. I can tell it’s those ones because it does the up, enter keystrokes every time.

What application are you running? It is possible that the injected events you programmed actually injects the event in a larger area than you really wanted. Please disable all translators with injected events to see if you still have the same problem. I can take a look at your project file if you want although I’m not sure how much help it will be if I’m not running the same application as you.

As I said earlier, injected events may or may not work correctly with certain applications so I usually try to steer away from them.

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I’m just running the usual suspects: FLS, Bome MTP, and iCue in the background, and sometimes the internet in background too.
When MTP is suspended, then nothing buggy happens with this. Render works as normal.
But when MTP is enabled, just clicking on the render settings ‘Ok’ button makes it go haywire, without using any keyboard shortcuts or MTP translators. Just the standard mouse click makes it fullscreen the playlist and duplicates the audio clips several times and puts them in random spots.

This issue has never happened until I started experimenting with inject events.

This is scary because I’ve already deleted all possibilities of inject events clicking on that menu selection and removed the shortcut I was using from iCue to MTP (F14). I think there is permanent damage done to my MTP project. I can’t even use the FLS render feature now, even without any shortcuts involved. Just clicking on it with my mouse makes MTP execute the inject events translator that doesn’t exist.

Any inject event translators that didn’t work for me, I just reverted back to mouse clicks with MIDI Buddy.

This is my current project. It’s massive though. I’ve disabled all presets for you.
The offending translators used to be in the preset: iCue macros, near the bottom.
TJ MB Project.bmtp (711.7 KB)

Looking into it. Thanks!

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Your incoming messaqes using Scan codes such as 112 and 121 are unknown to me so you must have some sort of special keyboard.

As far as complex outgoing key actions, you don’t seem to have any delays to give the computer time to respond. For instance for control + Shift Click Mouse Left button down, you probably need
Control Down - No Delay
Shift Down - Delay 10 ms
Mouse Left click Delay 20 ms
Shift Up - Delay 30 ms
Control Up - Delay 40 ms

Since you have no delay between actions it is possible things either get out of sequence or are happening too fast for the application to interpret correctly.

Although presets are disabled, you still have a fair amount of injected events in your project. You can see this by exporting to text that then searching for 'injected" in the text file.

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Ya. The scan codes was because I ran out of messages for the typing keyboard to send to MTP, so that’s basically the F13 - F24 keys, or languages etc. MTP shows it as scan code, etc.

I tried to minimize inject events, but some of them are so helpful, I can’t say no to them. For example, on a ticky knob, it’s touch sensitive, so I hold the knob and it opens the grid snap menu for me. Rotate the ticks and it moves up and down the menu. Let go and it pushes enter.

I’ll look into the text project but not sure what I can do to help the bug. It’s still there. It didn’t start happening until I started using inject events. I’ve reported it to IL in case it’s their bug.
I’ll make a quick video if you want.

Yes, if you could break it down to just a few translators that we can use to duplicate the bug, that would be great. There should be no reason that an regular event would interfere with an injected event unless it is using the same input on the translator.

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Also available for paid consulting services:
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Ya I don’t know. Can’t reproduce it any more either.
the text file doesn’t show any duplicates or anything.
Maybe something got sticky with the F14 just for a while, a couple of sessions, until I swept the computer with Ccleaner or something. It was definitely going haywire before. I’ll let you know if it happens more in the future and I can’t figure it out.

Sounds good.

It started happening again. I was able to isolate it to a single cluster of translators from my piano keyboard preset. Nothing there looked different than anything else, but disabling it stopped the problem. So I deleted them out. They weren’t that important. Looks like it fixed the problem. Dunno why they were connected to the render button but who knows. ¯(°_o)/¯

One quick question: The delays you put down here look like they are getting longer as they go down the list. Do all the delays start counting from the beginning of the first translator starting? As in, all translators for the same input trigger at the same time? If I have one translator with a delay of 10 ms, and then another one with 10 ms, that doesn’t work? They don’t trigger one after the other? Number 2 doesn’t wait until number 1 is done, then waits 10 ms, then executes (in serial)?

An incoming trigger would all be the same and you would need an additional delay value for each outgoing action if you want each outgoing action to happen at a different time

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