Create network connection between two ipad NOT WORKING

Hi c0ngrats on your bomebox machine.

i have two ipads connected to the bomebox wifi. Ableton link works fine between the two ipads using the bomebox wifi.

Im trying to send the midi data from a novation launchcontrol connected to one ipad to control other apps on the other ipad to no avail.

is it possible? I have managed to achieve this with an ipad and the controller sending midi over wifi to a computer, but not between ipads.

is there any app that can do this? I have tried with a few apps like midi bridge and no luck.

network 1 /2 /3 etc domt seem to show up on any apps and midi ins or outs.

Hoping there is solution, cheers

Got it sorted with midibridge app. Its great not to be dependant on having a computer to create a hotspot that ios devices can sync to.


Would be great to have a network bomebox app for ios / tablets tough…



Yes, Bomebox doesn’t currently support direct connection to IPAD. Bome Network is support on OSX and WIndows only, however I think they are working on an IOS solution as well. Right now Bridging between BomeNetwork on MAC or Window machine to RTP-MIDI (which IOS supports) I believe is the only solution.

Glad you worked it out!


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I realize, this is an old topic! but happy to report we’ve finally release Bome Network on iOS: