Cubase MCU Auto-Bank

Because of Steinberg’s implementation of MCU, controllers won’t auto-bank. Does anyone know if BMT can help with this? I’m using an SSL UF1. I already tried messing with BMT but can’t quite figure this one out.

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Use MIDI Translator Pro to monitor the traffic between it and Cubase. Then maybe we can figure out what message that comes back from Cubase that we can automatically send a bank change.

These 1 fader wonders are really tough though. I still haven’t been able to get this working on my X-touch One.

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Hi playing around with it more, I got my X-touch 1 to Auto-Bank. The caveat is that you need to set your maximum track in translator 0.2. Then the maximum bank will be calculated from there so that it will not attempt a bank switch if you are trying to move beyond the maximum channel or minimum bank number.

The second preset gets the current track information (on the current bank) from Cubase.

In Preset 2 the first translator handles the bank/up bank down logic.

The second and third translators handle the messages to auto-bank up and down.

The other thing is if you manually select a track in Cubase, MT Pro will no longer know what bank it is on and Cubase has no way of tell us this so if you use auto-bank, you should not select tracks manually in Cubase.

Here are how I set my aliases.

You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Since I don’t have an SSL, I really don’t know for sure if it will work for you.

SSL1-UF1-Cubase.bmtp (3.1 KB)

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Amazing. I’ll give this a try tomorrow and report back. Thank you!

Ok, so I just realized I wasn’t clear enough. What I’m trying to do is for the UF1 to follow my selected track in Cubase. So I need it to work with manually selecting a track. And I think that is the main issue with Cubase and any MCU controller. Steinberg’s implementation of MCU doesn’t allow that. That’s what I’m trying to find a workaround for. Any ideas?

Here’s a video from a guy who solved many of the Cubase/MCU issues with some middle-man software which is pretty impressive. However he did it with Max, then wrote his own software. My main issues I’m trying to solve are the follow selected track (auto-bank) and the plugin control issues he mentions.

I can’t program but would totally pay someone to do this for me.

Hmm, no, when you said auto-bank, I thought you meant by pushing track up on your controller when it hits track 8 of the current bank, the next track up would do a bank switch automatically and put you on track 1 of the next bank and visa versa. I don’t think the MCU protocol has an concept of sending specific track numbers back to your controllers. This would not be Cubase Unique.

Now for ‘auto select’ in Cubase, I’ve not explored this feature. So say if you select track 12 (bank2 track 4), it is supposed to automatically translate that to track 1 bank 1 on your MCU display? If it does, this is a feature that would be quite interesting but again I have not explored how auto-select works.

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According to SSL and iCON, MCU can follow selected track (which also means auto-bank in the process), but they say that Steinberg’s implementation of MCU doesn’t allow it. Pro Tools, Logic, Luna, and Reaper all have some sort of MCU auto-bank implementation. Other DAWs like Cubase do not. Here’s their official FAQ:

So in Cubase, if you select a track within the current bank, the MCU controller will follow it. All good there. The problem is if you select a track outside the bank, the controller will not follow because it’s in a different bank. There are some workarounds like creating a MIDI Remote in Cubase, but you lose some other MCU functionality.

That’s what I’m trying to solve. I want Cubase to somehow send the bank of the currently selected track so that the UF1 will switch to that bank and be able to control the track while using MCU and not lose any other functionality in the process.

Apparently, it is possible with ‘hacks’ like the video above. So I was hoping maybe BMT could help with that since I can’t program what the guy in the video did. I’ve contacted him but haven’t gotten a reply.