Cubase shortcuts maschine mk3

I would like to send keyboard shortcuts with BMT to cubase 10.5 pro via machine mk3, unfortunately only the normal keys work for me, as soon as I use str / alt / shift it no longer works … does anyone have an idea why this could be? thanks in advance … greeting Tom

Outgoing keystrokes seem to work well with short sequences (2 keystrokes) like Cntl(x).

If you add longer key sequences, it is better to introduce delays between key press and release so the computer application can keep up.

So for Control(Shift(Alt(1)))) you would have 8 translators
You could use a single global variable to increment the delay xx ms between each and then adjust that until you get the desired effect. In below example I’m using 10ms between each activity.

  1. Control Down
  2. Shift Down Delay 10ms
  3. Alt Down Delay 20 ms
  4. 1 Down Delay 30 ms
  5. 1 Up Delay 40 ms
  6. Alt Up Delay 50ms
  7. Shift up Delay 60 ms
  8. Control Up Delay 70 ms

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Thank you for your answer , Greeting Tom :sunglasses:

Hi Tom, if the solution to split up the keystroke sequence with delays worked for you: the next version of MIDI Translator Pro will have a setting for outgoing keystrokes to emulate them with configurable delay. So then, just one translator is sufficient for the sequence of 8 translators above.
If you would like to try this with the current beta version, please contact us here:
(there are no requirements or obligations for beta testing)