Custom Naming for Virtual MIDI Ports in Bome MIDI Translator Pro

Hi everyone,

I’ve created custom MIDI mappings in Bome MIDI Translator Pro. The output ports are named BMT1, BMT2, etc. I found the option in settings where these ports can be named as ‘Bome MIDI Translator 1’ or with the terminology ‘BMT1, BMT2,’ and I selected the latter.

Inside my DAW, I see these as input ports labeled BMT1, BMT2, etc. However, I find these names not very descriptive. I’d prefer to rename the virtual ports to something more meaningful, like the name of the MIDI controller I’m remapping or something specific to my needs. This would help me identify which port I’m dealing with when enabling/disabling ports in my DAW.

Is it feasible to rename these virtual ports in Bome MIDI Translator Pro? If so, how can I do it?


Internally to Bome MIDI Translator Pro you can create alias names for any port so that you can have more meaning full port names within Bome MIDI Translator Pro. However the choices for external names are limited to long names and short names and the names are fixed.

However, there is another product that you can create unlimited MIDI Virtual ports with their own name. They are a bit different is that when you define the new ports, you also have to set up some routing since the ports created will be just ‘endpoints’ and you have to connect them to make them useful.

Unlimited Named MIDI Ports can be found here.

It requires the free version of Bome Network to run if running on a single computer. You can download that here.

Then instead of using BMT ports you can use your own named ports.

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