Custom script GUI

I’m very pleased with BMT but I wonder if you’d have any suggestion on how to display a custom-made GUI triggered by MIDI messages? I’d love to draw some png files and get them to appear instantly as the GUI of my imaginary script-instrument in a dedicated floating window (BMT’s GUI would stay the exact same, but another window would enable me to label what’s going using pictures, better than what I can now achieve using hardware LEDs) when BMT would receive the MIDI request to trigger the corresponding translator.

Hi, I think it is a great suggestion. However until then I think if you are on Windows you could either use an application to load an AutoHotkey script or send keystrokes or MIDI to one that is launched. This would require some programming outside of Bome MIDI Translator however. On Mac, you could probably do something similar with AppleScript. Other GUI’s may also be available but any GUI can be called and executed or keystrokes accepted should work. I’ve also thought of the idea of use friendly dialog boxes and input boxes. I’ll make sure the suggestion gets forwarded.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


it would be great to have two functions:

  • one to define a GUI window in pixel size (X,Y)
  • one to show a .png and locate the (X,Y) position of it’s left lower corner in said GUI window

this would turn BMT into a true eye-candy factory… and so many MIDI “plugins” I dream of would materialize!