customizing MackieControl using MTP


I want to customize MackieControl output using MTP.

So far I can create a Midi Through in MTP, sending the original data from MCU to DAW, and change specific Midi messages in MTP. That does mean, that the changed midi data and the original midi data are both sent to my DAW. Is it possible to define if/then rules to only partially use Midi through?

Thanks, Klaus

Hi Klaus,

If you have translator that has the check boxed marked “Swallow” then the MIDI trigger associate that specific translator will not be passed through the default route if the outgoing action happens. If for some reason you have a rule within the translator that says “exit rules, skip outgoing action”, the default MIDI will pass through. The point is that the translator incoming trigger must be true AND the outgoing action must complete for Swallow to work (unless the outgoing action is “None”).

A trick for blocking most MIDI output even if outgoing action is skipped is to put a translator at the end of the chain such as this.


Incoming: oo pp qq

Outgoing : None

Options : Swallow

In the above case any 3 byte MIDI message will be blocked “swallowed” through the default paths. You could do something similar with 2 byte and 1 byte messages in which case only Sys ex will get through.

Of course, if you do not draw a line between the MIDI input and output in the routing section, then nothing gets through except for any translators that you create rules for. I generally do this if I don’t want any “MIDI THRU surprises”.

Let me know if you have any further questions:

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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hi Steve, thanks for the insight.

l ´ m gonna meditate about your answer and try to figure it out 😉


all the best,