Cycling through Audio Effects Rack presets with a Soleman Foot Controller

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I recently purchased a Source Audio Midi Foot Controller (SAMFC) which I'm using in conjunction with Ableton Live 10. I've created a simple audio effects rack with Macro 1 (Studio Reverb–see attached photo) chained to 5 max for live convolution reverb devices. I want to cycle through the following chain selector values using footswitch 1 of the SAMFC:

- 0 - 21 - 42 - 64 - 84 - 108

I have set an arbitary midi CC value of 60 for this Macro. The SAMFC editor can send all kinds of midi information. I'm completely new to this and wondered if you can get me started by advising on how to use Bome Translator Pro to best advantage in this situation.

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Something like the below should work. If you set your SAMFC to send out CC 60 with a value of 127 (7FH) for each press. Then this translator will cycle through the values for each press and send out CC60 with each of the values you specified.

Translator : Cycle

Incoming: CC 60 on MIDI Channel 1 value 127



if ga==0 then ga=21
if ga==21 then ga=42
if ga==42 then ga=64
if ga==64 then ga=84
if ga==84 then ga=108
if ga==108 then ga=0




Outgoing: CC 60 on MIDI channel 1 value ga

Options: Swallow

I’ve set up two aliases that you should be prompted to assign the actual MIDI devices when you first open the file.


Ableton Live

In Ableton Live, of course you need to put it in MIDI Learn mode and teach it to look for CC60 and start pressing the pedal so that Ableton Live can assign that CC to this control.

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Hi Steve – much appreciated. Pity I was unable to get this working. I emailed you the issue including the attached.

Taken from the Source Audio Manual


Hi Rob,
I answered your email and re-directed you back here for follow-on questions, however if you would like paid services, reach out to me again on email. I’ll send you my rates shortly.

Hi actually got it working for him with a phone call but I had to change the rules a bit.
Shown below
if pp==0 then ga=21
if pp==21 then ga=42
if pp==42 then ga=64
if pp==64 then ga=84
if pp==84 then ga=108
if pp==108 then ga=0