Daisy chained Bome Boxes, USB

Been using the Bome Box with my synth setup successfully since 2019.

I’m building a new midi controlled pedalboard that I want to be able to use with that setup or standalone, so I’m thinking of adding a second Bome Box for mounting on the pedalboard.

I haven’t found much documentation of how daisy chained Bome Boxes will work, particularly around USB devices. I want things to be as seamless as possible between using integrated with my existing setup and when the pedalboard is standalone.

Originally I was planning to run a USB cable down to the pedalboard as there is another powered USB hub down there. Now I’m thinking that the pedalboard USB hub could instead go into the 2nd BomeBox USB Host port and only run Ethernet down to the pedalboard. But I’m not clear on how that will impact the midi routing.

Will introducing Bome Network make this harder to program/route for the two separate setups? (Setup 1 is existing synth setup + pedalboard, Setup 2 is pedalboard by itself).

Or is it simpler to stick with the first idea and run USB to the pedalboard so all USB devices are hosted by 1 BomeBox during Setup 1 and a USB switcher to swap to the 2nd BomeBox only for Setup 2?

I’m very familiar with BomeBox and MTP in the contexts I’m used to but this is new territory.


Since BomeBox is a USB host device only, you cannot daisy chain between them via USB. With USB, one end of the connection must be a host and the other a device.

You can daisy chain between BomeBoxes, however, using ethernet. This is commonly done to link stage from FOH or to have several USB drops over a large stage area. Right now, MIDI routing between BomeBoxes is just between the main network port. In the future Remote Direct MIDI will be supported.

I think for you, the best would be to use 1 BomeBox to do all of your routing between USB devices and as you say. just switch configurations either within a single project file running on BomeBox or by loading a different project file for each configuration.

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Bome Customer Care

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