Davinci Resolve Fairlight and Midi Fighter Twister MFT

Anyone working on a miditranslator settings file to get MFT working in Macky or HUI protocol for Davinci Fairlight? I tried Steve’s setup for Premiere. When i twist on a knob that’s connected to a pan pot the fader 1 moves to the zero position. So I think i have incomming data. But not the right one :slight_smile:
Anyone with ahint towards a sollution?


Hi, if you are using the encoders as ENC 3F/41 then it would look like this for

Incoming : Control Change on MIDI CH X CC# Y value qq (where X and Y are the encoder you are using)
// Convert the value of qq to Mackie values
// Mackie uses 01,02,03 etc for right turn and 0x41,0x42,0x43 etc for left turn
// ENC 3F/41 uses 0x41,0x42, 0x43 etc for right turn and 0x3F 0x3E 0x3D etc for left turn
// right turn conversion
if qq>0x40 then rr=qq-0x40
// left turn conversion
if qq<0x40 then rr=0x40-qq

Outgoing (for VPOT 1): Control Change on MIDI CH 1 CC 16 (0x10) value rr

Note that VPOT channel is 1 for all MCU and CC 16-23 (0x10-0x17) for Tracks 1-8
You need to do bank up to move to tracks 9-16 etc.

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