Davinci Resolve

From an occasional Davinci Resolve/Ligthroom CC editor, and owner of Midi control devices, I've been frustrated for months that the there has been no known way to interface these wonderful control surfaces with Resolve specifically.  The only options on the market are $500-900+ keyboards or purpose built controllers.

If this process to map and interface with Resolve was available as a preset, and people knew about it general (forums/Reddit), there would be a huge adoption rate.

How many on here have managed to integrate it into Resolve (post search isn't showing much), and what is the current frustrations with it?

Hi this is not unique to Davinci Resolve. It applies to most applications that have on screen controls that cannot be controlled with MIDI. If you know the location on the screen, you can usually do this outgoing action of mouse down followed by a mouse move (drag) and then mouse up. See the post below from just a few days ago.


Unfortunately even two users with the same application may have their screen layout and controls different so the template or tools to build it yourself is here.


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Aha, I am now picturing how this software operates. In Resolve, I’m often resizing windows on the fly.

Resizing and changing layouts would break this mapping method.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Right, if you just want to control faders, I think Resolve has a Mackie MCU (MIDI) interface for that portion.