DAW (Ableton Live) sync from BomeBox Net

Dear Steve,

Another ‘‘layman-level’’ question -
How to make Ableton Live receive MIDI info from OP-Z
which is connected to USB Host port on BomeBox?
DIN MIDI Out from BomeBox goes into MIDI In on
Norand Mono synth, and that works just fine.
I made a route from OP-Z to myPC and I enabled MIDI
in Live to receive it from BomeBox Net,
but no MIDI info goes into Live.
What am I doing wrong?

Again, I am sorry to bother you with such a beginner’s
question, but that’s how knowledge is upgraded, I hope.

Thank you, over and over again, sir,
and have a joyful weekend ahead.

Hey no issues with your question. That is why were are here.

So it looks like you want to send MIDI information from OP-Z on your BomeBox to both your Norland Mono Synth (MIDI DIN OUT on BomeBox) and also to Ableton Live on your computer. Your OPZ is attached via USB to your BomeBox.

I would recommend.

  1. On BomeBox have a path between USB OPZ in and MIDI DIN Out
  2. For the second path instead of running to the network MIDI port (which should also work), don’t create a nother path but on Bome Network on your PC or Mac, enable Remote MIDI port OPZ.
    It should show within the Bome Network tool as the BomeBox name, followed by a colon and then the USB port name. (i.e. BomeBox:OPZ).

The below shows how my Launchpad MINI MK2 is connected to my BomeBox. I will be using the second port.

On Bome Network I’ve enabled it as follows (the green switch):

Then in Ableton Live if you want it for track input, enable the port name for track input. However if you are using it to control other functions enable it as a Remote. I assume you want track input so have enabled it here.

In Ableton Live, anything that has MIDI-In enabled for Track Input will be selectable as an input device for that track. See where I have enabled my incoming MIDI instrument for E-Piano.

Now I can record MIDI into that track

I hope this helps.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hey Steve,

Thank you, yet again, for your expert answer!
I have yet to try what you suggested,
then let you know how it goes.

You and everybody else on this great forum -
Have a nice and joyful weekend!