Demo MIDI Translator and .bmtp written on licensed MTPro

If i create a .bmtp file and someone doesnt have the software, they can run the demo version and my script will work for them (for 20min at a time)? They just cant edit it? Or do i need to purchase an MT Player license?

And the Demo will work, that’s okay and not a violation of user agreement or anything?
(I figure it’s not because that’d be a sexyawesome marketing tool)

Hi Jim,

They will be able to run in on the Demo version but with a 20 minute time-out. They can modify it to their liking but it will still have a 20 minute time-out until they purchase the full version. Also if running a MT Pro project file on BomeBox , it needs to be licensed.

There is a startup cost with licensing of MT Player. You can use the contact me on the web site if you want more info on licensing MT Player.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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Thanks, Steve

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, Jim!