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I didn't know if it would be better to mix topics or start a new one. So I flipped a coin :)

Every time Bome Tranlator starts, a dialogue box opens asking me to assign ports. The selections seem to be the same as the title of each spin box.

To this point, I have just cancelled and let it go away. It doesn't seem to be an issue. Can I just select don't ask me again, or should I be doing something?

Now that I've written this, I wonder if that box showed up as a result of my not handling the Bome Network ports correctly when I installed them.

Anyway, thanks for everything.



Hi Graham, 

The dialog appears if the MIDI ports you have selected are not available (and MT Pro assumes it must be an unassigned alias).  Yes, you can click don't ask again and it will not pop-up again, however if you want to actually assign an alias to a given port that you said "don't ask again", you would need to use the menu to assign MIDI ports.


As a support person, I often create a lot of aliases to make it easier for users so from time to time, I have to go through and clean the unused ones out.  You do this by the reset MIDI aliases menu item.  Of course, clearing all aliases will always result in a prompt again next time you use a project (that doesn't have the attache MIDI port name or alias name)

I'm finding now that I have Bome Network Pro unlimited virtual ports, I'm using MT Pro aliases quite a bit less and use the Virtual Port names that I created in Bome Network Pro but that is just a matter of preference and doing so, might get confusing if you don't remember how you have routed you Bome Network Virtual Port.  It really depends on the complexity of what you are doing.

For instance, I have 2 MIDI fighter twisters connected to my iConnect Audio Plus.

The port names for the iConnect are HST1 and HST2.  I route these both to a single virtual port "MFTPair" to make it look like I have one bit 32 port controller.  In MT Pro I just select "MTFPair" (which is a Bome Network Port alias), instead of connecting to HST1 and HST2 and assigning them aliases (ie MFT1, MFT2) in MT Pro. Since my virtual ports are always present, I don't get an prompt for alias on MFTPair.


I hope this helps

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz


Hey Steve,

That cleared it up.