Difference between Virtual Port and Translator Virtual In (or out)?

Was going to screenshot it but it does not appear this forum will do images.

Midi Router shows 9 Translator Virtual Ins (and outs, i.e. Bome Midi Translator 1 Virtual In, etc) and 9 Virtual Ports (both in and out, i.e. Bome Virtual Port 1, etc).

What is the difference between a Virtual Port and a Midi Translator Virtual In or Out? Does this mean there are in fact 18 virtual cables going in and 18 going out or are these two related and thus there is “crosstalk” between the two? Been reading the manual and searching this forum for the last hour and can’t figure it out, sorry! Thank you!

The ones with the arrows are simily aliases to the other ones for backwards compatibility with older versions of MT Pro. Open one or the other but not both unless you want duplicate messages to and from the same port.


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Ok, thank you