Digitakt as a melodic sampler

This script allow to spread two and a half octaves of samples on the 8 voices of the digitakt.

I have a toy piano that I wanted to play polyphonically with the digitakt, so I used the script «Channel Rotation».

But as we get far from the sample (like a third), my toy start to sound distorded. Also repeating always the same note doesn't pay respect to the marvellous imperfections of this instrument.

So on the digitakt (you can put only one sample per track) I spread my samples like this (T for track):

  • T1 - C4
  • T2 - E4
  • T3 - G#4
  • T4 - C5
  • T5 - E5
  • T6 - G#5
  • T7 - C6
  • T8 - E6

Then when I play with my controller, the script choose the channel according to the closest sample to the note I played.

So I can play polyphony, without stretching too much the samples.

This script is very simple, juste Note On are treated, it is for samples like my toy piano, (or timpani, xylophone, ...), when you want to keep the resonance.


Bril! And thank you for sharing!
I don’t DT, but I OT so I might check this out.

Thanks !

I forgot a very important thing on the digitakt : I have to tune the samples for them to play always the same reference note because they will be tuned according to the triggering note.

So here’s what I did on the digitakt (third information is the tuning) :

  • T1 – C4 | 12
  • T2 – E4 | 8
  • T3 – G#4 | 4
  • T4 – C5 | 0
  • T5 – E5 | -4
  • T6 – G#5 | -8
  • T7 – C6 | -12
  • T8 – E6 | -16

Like this all the samples has the same C reference.