DIN port issue

I have some translations running in the BomeBox that map different MIDI channels to different USB-connected synths. I also have a couple of DIN port synths setup on the output port, using a thru box. The translations look like this:

Channel  Destination
-------  ----------------------
   1.    USB Synth1, channel 1
   2.    USB Synth2, channel 1
   3.    USB Synth3, channel 1
   4.    DIN out, channel 1
   5.    DIN out, channel 2

I am mapping all the MIDI channel events, like note on, off, pitch bend, etc.

This setup works fine, exactly how I want it to work…

Now my problem:

I have a USB A/B switch that switches the hub with all the USB synths between the BomeBox and my MacBook Pro. When switched to the MBP, I run BMTP with the same translation file that is loaded into the BomeBox.

This works fine, except for the DIN-connected synths. I have the destination there set to “StevesBomeBox - Net”, which shows “open” in the port state. I’m a little confused about exactly where my problem lies.

Hope this is clear, if there’s more I need to answer, please let me know. Here is the BMTP file:
newtest.bmtp (18.7 KB)

I do have an ethernet cable between the MBP and the BomeBox, which I thought was used for sending data, but now I’m not so sure.

A few things to suggest.

In MT Pro, create an alias for all ports and use the aliases instead of the real device names. The reported device name may be different on BomeBox than on Windows or Mac. By doing this, when you upload your project file to the BomeBox, you simply reassign the aliases based on how the USB interface reports them.

If running the project on the Mac and you are still using the DIN port on your BomeBox, you will need to create a MIDI route between your Mac and the DIN port on your BomeBox. You can create a static route in your project file between the aliases. On your PC you do not assign the alias for your Mac since it doesn’t make sense there. However on your BomeBox you can define aliases such as “From Mac” and “To MyDIN” and then assign them.

On your Mac your “To MyDIN” alias will be assigned “StevesBomeBox.net” and the “From Mac” will be unassigned. The route will be there but not used since the alias “From Mac” will not be assigned.

On your Bomebox, assign “To MyDIN” to “DIN Out” and “From Mac” to your Mac computer network name. Since the alias and routes will both be assigned, anything coming from you Mac will go to the BomeBox and through the static route, forwared to you DIN port.

Steve Caldwell

Thanks Steve- I have learned from you before that aliases are a good thing, so I’m covered there— I discovered a few things that I have been able to correct- But I think the primary thing is that when I switch to running on the Mac, it is going through BMTP on the Mac, which is routing to the BomeBox, which is ALSO running a translation, so I think I need to handle that case, maybe sending a CC message to toggle the translation preset. I also had a flaky cable which made troubleshooting a lot harder, but I’ve got that sorted out and now I think I figured out the double-translate issue between BMTP and the BomeBox. As always, thanks for your help!

Glad you got it working!