Directing MIDI-Triggered Keystrokes to Specific Applications

Hello Everyone,

I’m currently working with Bome MIDI Translator and have set up a system where specific MIDI messages are translated into keystrokes. However, I’m looking to refine this setup so that the translated keystrokes are directed only to a particular application, rather than being recognized across all open apps.

From what I’ve explored, particularly in the “outgoing” section of the translator setup, I haven’t found an option that allows for targeting specific applications directly within Bome MIDI Translator.

I’m curious if anyone here has experience or knowledge about achieving this kind of targeted control. Is there a workaround or method to ensure that MIDI-triggered keystrokes are sent only to a designated application?


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Look at the attachment in this post, it specifically direct keystrokes to ‘notepad.exe’.

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Thank you so much.
Got it .

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