Disappearing Aliases ?

I created a bad situation by trying to clean up my hard drive, and in the process, somehow deleting some file(s) that MT uses to maintain the relationship between MIDI ports and their aliases. So, I created the aliases again, and everything was working nicely again.

Then, out of the blue, my controllers stopped working. What seems to have happened is that the aliases I recreated disappeared - so no connection between the controllers and their targets in Ableton Live, and no control of LEDS in the controllers by Live or by MT. ... etc.

It took over an hour to recreate the aliases, and I'm reluctant to do it again since I'm afraid that they may disappear again because I have no idea why they've disappeared. I'm quite certain I saved my project right after recreating the aliases, but restarting the project doesn't assign any aliases to the input or output ports.

Since my setup relies on exactly the same controllers as I now have, I'm wondering if there's a downside to not using aliases at all. I can't imagine a situation in which I might want to substitute different controllers for my present setup, and if that does ever happen, I guess I could assign aliases then.

Alternately, if there's some good explanation for how aliases could disappear, and what I could do to prevent it, I'd be less reluctant to create them once more.



I mis-stated the problem. The aliases are still listed in the project properties, but they’re greyed out, and there is no assignment to a MIDI port. So I should have said that the assignment of aliases to MIDI ports has disappeared or has been broken. Is there a file which maintains these relationships?

I remember, now, what created this problem in the first place. When I tried to launch MT after cleaning up my hard drive, it wouldn’t launch. The splash screen appeared, but just hung there. Eventually I uninstalled MT in order to reinstall it. which probably wasn’t necessary. I uninstalled Bome Virtual MIDI as well.

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I hope you are doing well.

On Windows, there is a file in your APPDATA folder call MIDITranslatoPro.bmts. This is where the alias information is maintained. There should be backup files of this as will. I show 5 copies on my system. You can also export your own stable copy using the MTPro Export/Import feature. View->Settings->Export/Import

To get to the folder in your Filemanager address bar, put %APPDATA%\BOME

You can import this file into your project with the import feature described above.

If for some reason you have renamed your executable of MT Pro (ie have a second instance running or running), the file may have a different name. It is usually the same name as your MT Pro executable with “_Backup” appended.

I posted a screenshot below here.




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Steve…. my man! Thanks a million. I was able to restore the aliases from a backup bmts file. Everything is fine again.

I’ll get back to you soon with my observations about MIDIBuddy. It’s now definitely a part of my setup, and I’m grateful to you for having created it.

thanks again,


I’m always happy to help!