DMXis Banks and Presets mapped to APC Mini Button Matrix

Hi. I'm looking for a script to map the Banks and Presets in Enttec DMXis to the button matrix on an Akai APC Mini. I've seen online that there is one for BMT Pro, but I have been unable to locate it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Thank you!

I'm not sure what you mean by a script to do the mapping.  Doing it manually shouldn'gt take that long, tho.  

Does the following link help?


That is the exact thing I am trying to do in the post 2 down from you called  APC 40 extended template mode

If your looking to use Buttons to control your lights then the Youtube video Gabriel provided should put you in the right direction. If your talking about controlling LED lights on your APC-MINI, you will probably will need to do that within MT Pro with local feedback. I’m not sure if DMXis sends MIDI. From the Youtube video, it looks like it only received MIDI.

Unfortunately, no. The “MIDI Learn” feature in DMXis is only for faders and a few “potentiometer” type functions. It cannot load a Bank or a Preset from a button, unless you want to scroll up or down through your banks. You would have to scroll through Bank 1, Bank 2, Preset 1, Preset 2, etc., instead of being able to select banks and presets on the fly.

Ok, maybe I should explain a little better what I'm after. I just got my DMXIS, and know virtually nothing about MIDI programming or language. I thought the “MIDI learn” function would make it easy to map a MIDI controller like the APC mini that I purchased with it. But I’ve found that the “MIDI learn” function is not available for banks/presets...

I’d like to program each bank/preset to a button on the controller, so they can be easily accessed during a show. I run a mobile live sound reinforcement company, and I have no pre-programmed music to work from, so I’d like to create some general “looks” that would work for a variety of styles and genres. The 64-button interface of the APC mini was very attractive for that purpose.

I’ve read in the DMXis manual:

"MIDI Hardware

You can control DMXIS from any MIDI keyboard (or other MIDI control device) connected to your computer.

Simply select the desired MIDI devices from the list, and press OK. You can then use MIDI Learn (see page 22) to remote control any DMXIS fader or control, and you can trigger Bank & Program changes using Note On messages on MIDI channels 15 & 16."

Apparently, the APC Mini only transmits notes on CH 1. So what I need to do is figure out how to use BMT to transmit notes from CH1 of the APC Mini to Channel 15 of DMXis to trigger non-linear bank changes, and notes from CH1 of the APC mini to Channel 16 of DMXis to select presets within that bank. Tempo and oscillator functions could then be mapped to the faders on the APC Mini, giving a simple way of adapting to whatever is coming off the stage, without having to have a dedicated operator. Any insight in how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.

Yes! Why did Enttec not predict that people would want to map presets to buttons???

OK, take a look at the attached.

For the main matrix we look at the note number for the pad. We convert that to row and column. 

We send the column out on MIDI CH 16 as a note and the row out on MIDI CH 15 as a note.

So starting at the top row column 1 will note 0 on MIDI CH 15 and note 0 on MIDI CH 16

Bottom right is note 7 on MIDI CH 15  and note 7 on MIDI CH 16

Since the right buttons are not in same pattern as the main ones, I did different calculations in a different translator for that to cover column 8.

Faders, I just converted incoming CCs on MIDI CH 1 to outgoing CCs on MIDI CH 16.

I didn't do anything with the bottom buttons, but now that you see how I did the others, you should be able to work those out.


For the main matrix I calculate the column by taking the value of the incoming note and performing a MOD 8 operation.

For the row calulation I divide the incoming note by 8. Then since APC-MINI rows start at the bottom I subtrack from 7 so that the rows start at the top starting with 0.

At the bottom of the rules, you can see if you would rather send faders as CCs (rows) with values (columns), you can do that too. Just replace the outgoing message by copying and pasting from the commented line in the rules.




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Steve, you are officially my hero… I did a quick check, and everything is functioning exactly how I envisioned it. This is going to save me a ton of headaches! THANK YOU!!!

Glad to help!

Hey Steve, I added the timer scripts you suggested for controlling the LEDs on the APC Mini, and now they work great for showing me which bank/preset I’m currently working with. I’ve got all the LEDs Green except for the one currently selected, which is Red.

I’ve also just noticed that the APC Mini has a “shift” button on it, and also yellow LED functions. Could BMT be used to make a second matrix using the shift key, this time with the buttons all yellow except the selected one? This would give me essentially 16 banks/128 presets within DMXis…

Essentially,I’m thinking I push the shift once for the second matrix, and push it again to go back to the first matrix. Am I getting too complex now? :upside_down_face:


Indeed you create multiple banks, however these are not within the APC-MINI controller but it is entirely possible to do this within Bome MIDI Translator Pro. The way I would do it is to have each bank defined within a preset and then as you switch presets, you update the LED's (upon activation) by reading the global variables for that bank and then have a timer do the update.

Each bank would have it's own global variables for LED's in that bank so that they would be remembered.

The shift button on the APC-MINI does nothing but send out a MIDI note message and relies on the application (in this case MT Pro) to define what that message is used for and what logic to use when received.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

does this work with apc40 MKii in D-Pro as well? I have both mini and 40 mkii

I answered your email. We should probably talk further. If D-Pro recognizes MIDI, I don’t wee why it wouldn’t work.